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Babylon the Great is Cannibalizing Itself according to Bible Prophecy

Revelation 10:11 • New Living Translation (NLT)
11 Then I was told, “You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages, and kings.”

In 1932, Saudi Arabia was established as a Wahhabi (Salafi Sunni) state by King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud (January 1875 – 9 November 1953). Usually known within the Arab world as Abdulaziz and in the West as Ibn Saud. He was the first monarch and founder of Saudi Arabia and the House of Saud, the "third Saudi state," established with the help of the BritishIn 1979, Iran was declared a (Shia) Islamic Republic, after the U.S. backed Shah of Iran was overthrown—and U.S. President Jimmy Carter froze Iran's assets. In 1980, my mentor, the late Dan DiNicola, a Three Time Emmy winner, veteran news reporter, and teacher of British and Russian history and literature, inspired me to be a writer, producer and promoter. For over 29 years, I promoted opulence (hedonism), and wrote propaganda for various agenciesIt was not until 2006, that the Lord led me to start writing on geopolitics and Christian apologetics to try and help lead people away from political and religious deception.

President Obama is threatening to veto a Congressional bill declassifying the "28-pages of the 9/11 Report" that have been kept from the public, and that allegedly link the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America. Saudi Arabia’s ambassador went so far as to threaten to sell the country’s huge dollar holdings, if the bill went ahead, saying it would be necessary to prevent their $billions of assets in the U.S. from being frozen like Iran's frozen $100 billion in 1979.

When President Barack Hussein Obama II bowed to the Sunni King Abdullah I of Saudi Arabia and the House of Saud in his first term, the hand writing was on the wall that Babylon the Great was going to eventually fall...IT'S ALMOST 15 YEARS PAST 9/11 and the Word of God describes the dispensational fall of Babylon the Great and its Muslim and European partners in Revelation 17—and the FINAL destruction of Babylon the Great is outlined in Revelation chapter 18—see vv. 1-8, CLICK HERE.

Below is the infamous bow of President Barack Hussein Obama II during his first term to Saudi King Abdullah, on April 1, 2009 in London. It’s not clear what was more disturbing, President Obama’s bow or the subsequent attempt by the White House to deny that he was bowing.

American presidents, who have been put in charge of a democratic FREE nation that specifically broke from royal despots, particularly should NOT bow to kings and queens, especially ones running repressive, Islamic Sharia Law societies like Saudi Arabia. But on the same day Obama bowed to the late Saudi King, he also bowed to Queen Elizabeth II, monarch of Great Britain, our former "lord and master."

In 2016, Saudi Arabia executed Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a Shi'a cleric, in Saudi Arabia, and three of his supporters. A Shi'a mob stormed the Sunni Saudi Arabia embassy in Tehran, Iran, and relations are broken off again between Shi'a Iran and Saudi Arabia. Now Obama's, the U.K. and the Jesuits' partner, Saudi Arabia, is threatening to sell off $750 Billion in U.S. assets

Saudi Aramco Headquarters in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco, officially the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, most popularly known just as Aramco (formerly Arabian-American Oil Company), is a Saudi Arabian national petroleum and natural gas company based in Dhahran.

Thomas Barger (1909 – 1986) was an American geologist, explorer, miner, businessman and former CEO of the Arabian American Oil Company (formerly Aramco—now Saudi Aramco). In 1937 Barger interviewed with J.O. Nomland, the chief geologist at the Standard Oil Company of California, in San Francisco and accepted a job as a surveyor in Saudi Arabia. Standard Oil Company was an American oil producing, transporting, refining, and marketing company. Established in 1870 by John D. Rockefeller as a corporation in Ohio, it was the largest oil refiner in the world of its time. Standard Oil Company has a controversial history as one of the world's first and largest multinational corporations.

In 1911, the United States Supreme Court ruled that Standard Oil Company was an illegal monopoly. 

Standard Oil dominated the oil products market initially through horizontal integration in the refining sector, then, in later years vertical integration; the company was an innovator in the development of the business trust. The Standard Oil trust streamlined production and logistics, lowered costs, and undercut competitors. "Trust-busting" critics accused Standard Oil of using aggressive pricing to destroy competitors and form a monopoly that threatened consumers.

Thomas Barger married Kathleen Elizabeth Ray on November 18, 1937 shortly before heading off to Saudi Arabia by himself to explore potential oil sites in the Saudi Arabian desert along with fellow American geologists Max Steineke, Jerry Harriss, Ernie Berg and others as well as a group of Bedouin guides headed by Khamis bin Rimthan of the Ajman tribe. Al-'Ajman or al-'Ijman (Arabic: العجمان‎, singular "Ajmi") is a tribal confederation in northeastern Arabia, with members spread across Saudi Arabia, Qatar, U.A.E. and the Kuwait. The word "Ajman" literally translates to the "Persians" aka IRANIANS. Nearly all the Ajman have abandoned nomadic life and have settled in the Persian Gulf states. The Emirate of Ajman (Arabic: إمارة عجمانّ‎ Imārat al-ʿAǧmān) is one of the seven states constituting the United Arab Emirates. There are also many Ajman in Saudi Arabia, who follow Al-Naim Shi'a Islam Sufi mysticism. Their main tribal territory is Wadi el-Ajman ("the valley of the Ajman"), located on the road between Riyadh and Dammam.  Wadi Al-Salaam (Valley of Peace) is the largest Shi'a Islamic cemetery in the world, located in the Shia holy city of Najaf, IraqThe Ajman Tribe attacked the Sobyie tribe in the late 18th century, and Ibn Saud protected the Sobyie from the Shi'ite Ajman tribe.

After Thomas Barger and his Shi'a Muslim guide and men discovered Saudi Arabia's vast fields of oil, Barger, began a career with Aramco that would last 32 years. In 1957 Barger became a vice president and assistant to President Norman Hardy. In 1959 Barger became president of Aramco and in 1961 he was appointed the company's Chief Executive Officer. Fluent in Arabic, Barger was a key element in the company's relationship with the Saudi government and people. He ensured that the goal of the company was to be mutually beneficial, training and employing thousands of Saudis and eventually becoming a Saudi run and owned entity (which it is today).

John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil Company

John D. Rockefeller was a founder, chairman and major shareholder of Standard Oil Company. With the dissolution of the Standard Oil trust into 33 smaller companies, Rockefeller became the richest man in the world. Other notable Standard Oil principals include Henry Flagler, developer of the Florida East Coast Railway and resort cities, and Henry H. Rogers, who built the Virginian Railway. JP Morgan Chase is the merger of the Rockefeller and Rothschild banking dynasty family of England. David Rockefeller (born June 12, 1915) is an American banker who served as chairman and chief executive of Chase Manhattan Corporation. He is the oldest living member of the Rockefeller family and family patriarch since July 2004. Rockefeller is also the only surviving child of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, and the only surviving grandchild of John D. Rockefeller and Laura Spelman Rockefeller. David Rockefeller is the founder of the supranational Trilateral Commission and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (C.F.R.) Muslim BrotherhoodPRESIDENT OBAMA'S father and grandfather were Shi'a Sundanese Muslims that worked for Standard Oil Company, and his father was the Minister of Transportation—President Obama's stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, worked for Union Oil.

Saudi Aramco's value has been estimated at anywhere between US$1.25 trillion and US$10 trillion, making it the world's most valuable company.

Saudi Aramco has both the world's largest proven crude oil reserves, at more than 260 billion barrels (4.1×1010 m3), and largest daily oil production. Saudi Aramco owns, operates and develops all energy resources based in Saudi Arabia. According to 2015 Forbes report, Aramco is said to be the world's largest oil and gas company.

The United Kingdom, Tony Blair of the TONY BLAIR FAITH FOUNDATION, and the Vatican/UN sponsored FAITH AND GLOBALIZATION INITIATIVEas well as the Quartet on the Middle East (United States, Russian Federation, United Nations and European Union); led by former UK Prime Minister Tony Blairhave known all along that the Saudis with the help of the Vatican, JESUITS and Muslim Brotherhood, planned 9/11 to create a "terrorism-scared controlled worldfor global domination and FAITH GLOBALIZATIONSaudi Arabia has become less dependent on the U.S.A. weapons manufacturers and arms dealers, and controls the world's largest oil and gas producing companyThe Western powers during WWI took control of the OTTOMAN EMPIRE'S lands and central banks... The Ottomans ended the Roman Byzantine Empire in the East in AD 1453 at Constantinople. Both Clinton and Blair are Ancient Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine (Freemasons).

With the aid of scholarships, Bill Clinton attended the Jesuits' Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., receiving a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (B.S.) degree in 1968.

After controlling the Middle East for six (6) centuries, the Ottoman's lost control to their former partners in WWI, the Vatican and Italy—and the Temporal power of the Pope was restored with the Lateran Accords signed at the Vatican in 1929.

Pope Francis helped kill 60,000 men, women and children in South America during "Operation Condor." Escalating conflicts driving Middle Eastern nations to buy more weapons include conflicts in Libya, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, along with violence in Egypt and Turkey, says Ken Pollack, a senior fellow researching the Middle East at the Brookings Institution.

Pollack says the top rivalry in the region "consuming ammunition" is between Iran and Saudi Arabia and their allies, especially in Yemen where Tehran is backing the Shia Houthi opposition to the Sunni Saudi-supported government. Iran is also supporting embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad while Saudi Arabia is sending weapons to groups opposing his government. The U.S. remains the dominant exporter of arms to the Middle East region. But Saudi Arabia has been modernizing its military to become less dependent on the U.S., France and the United Kingdom.


The House of Saud rose to power because the British, French and Vatican changed their Arab allies in the Middle East and chose Ibn Saud—after assassinating by poisoning their "puppet ruler" King Faisal I of Greater Syria and Iraq.

The British Foreign Office had previously begun to support the Sharif of Mecca Hussein bin Ali, Emir of the Hejaz by sending T.E. Lawrence (a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia) to him in 1915. The Saudi Ikhwan and Ibn Saud began to conflict with Hussein, Sharif of Mecca also in 1917 just as his sons Abdullah and (the future King of Syria and Iraq) Faisal entered Damascus.  In 1916, with the promise of British support for Arab independence, Hussein, Sharif of Mecca proclaimed the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire, accusing the Committee of Union and Progress of violating tenets of Islam and limiting the power of the sultan-caliph. Shortly after the outbreak of the revolt Hussein declared himself King of the Arab Countries. However, his pan-Arab aspirations were not accepted by the Allies, who recognized him only as King of the Hejaz. After World War I Hussein refused to ratify the Treaty of Versailles, in protest at the Balfour Declaration and the establishment of British and French mandates in Syria, Iraq, and Palestine. He later refused to sign the Anglo-Hashemite Treaty and thus deprived himself of British support when his kingdom was invaded by Ibn Saud. In March 1924, when the Ottoman Caliphate was abolished, Hussein proclaimed himself Caliph of all Muslims. In October 1924, facing defeat by Ibn Saud, he abdicated and was succeeded as King by his eldest son Ali. His sons Faisal and Abdullah were made rulers of Iraq and Transjordan in 1921. King Faisal I (1883-September 1933) was King of the Arab Kingdom of Greater Syria and was King of Iraq till 1933. A Sunni member of the Hashemite dynasty, King Faisal I fostered unity between Sunni and Shiite Muslims to encourage common loyalty and promote pan-Arabism in the goal of creating an Arab state that would include Iraq, Syria and the rest of the Fertile Crescent.

Officially, the Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon (1923−1946), the French and British chose King Faisal I to be their "puppet ruler" of the region. The British held control of most the former Ottoman Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) and the southern part of the Ottoman Syria (Palestine and Transjordan), while the French controlled the rest of the former Ottoman Syria, Lebanon, Alexandretta (Hatay) and other portions of southeastern Turkey.

King Faisal died on 8 September 1933, at the age of 48. The official cause of death was a heart attack while he was staying in Bern, Switzerland, for his general medical checkup. He was succeeded on the throne by his oldest son Ghazi. Many questions arose from his sudden death, as Swiss doctors assured that he was healthy and nothing serious was wrong with him. His private nurse also reported signs of arsenic poisoning before his death. Many of his companions noticed that day that he was suffering from pain in the abdomen (sign of poisoning) and not chest (a typical sign of heart attack). His body was quickly embalmed before performing a proper autopsy to find the exact result of death, a normal procedure in such situations.[1]

Ghazi bin Faisal (May 1912 – 4 April 1939) was the King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Iraq from 1933 to 1939 having been briefly Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Syria in 1920. He was born in Mecca (in present-day Saudi Arabia), the only son of Faisal I, the first King of Iraq. In 1925, the forces of Ibn Saud captured the holy city of Mecca from Sharif Hussein, ending 700 years of Hashemite ruleOn 8 January 1926, the leading figures in Mecca, Medina and Jeddah proclaimed Ibn Saud the King of Hejaz. On 20 May 1927, the British government signed the Treaty of Jeddah (1927), which abolished the protection agreement with the Sharif of Mecca and recognized the independence of the Hejaz and Najd with Ibn Saud as its ruler. The British allowed Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia to extend his boundaries past the former Anglo-Ottoman Blue LineIbn Saud, then, stockpiled weapons and supplies, which the British provided him, including a 'tribute' of £5,000 per month from the British.[2] As King, Ibn Saud, presided over the discovery of petroleum in Saudi Arabia in 1938 and the beginning of large-scale oil production after World War II. He fathered many children, including 45 sons, and all of the subsequent kings of Saudi Arabia.

Ghazi bin Faisal died in 1939 in an accident involving a sports car that he was driving. According to the scholars Ma'ruf al-Rusafi and Safa Khulusi, a common view by many Iraqis at the time was that he was killed on the orders of Nuri al-Said, because of his plans for unification of Iraq with Kuwait.[3] Faisal, Ghazi's only son, succeeded him as King Faisal II. Because Faisal was underage, Prince Abdul Ilah served as regent until 1953.

Faisal II (2 May 1935 – 14 July 1958) was the last King of Iraq. He reigned from 4 April 1939 until July 1958, when he was murdered during the 14 July Revolution together with numerous members of his family. This regicide marked the end of the thirty-seven-year-old Hashemite monarchy in Iraq, which then became an Islamic Republic. The Buraimi Dispute arose from Saudi Arabia's claim, first made in 1949, of sovereignty over a large part of Abu Dhabi territory where oil was suspected to be present and an area in a 20-mile circle around the centre of the Buraimi OasisThe Saudis King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud claim was backed by the American oil company Aramco, which provided logistics and research to support Saudi Arabia. A standstill agreement was implemented and, on 30 July 1954, it was agreed to refer the dispute to an international arbitration tribunal. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia embarked on a campaign of bribery to obtain declarations of tribal loyalty—offering $200,000,000. The Buraimi Dispute continued to rumble on for many years to come until it was settled in 1974 by a third Treaty of Jeddah (1974), between Sheikh Zayed (then President of the UAE) and King Faisal of Saudi Arabia (king of Saudi Arabia 1964-1975, third son of Ibn Saud, who was assassinated by his own nephew, Faisal bin Musaid).[4] Saudi Arabia ratified the Treaty of Jeddah in 1993, but the UAE has not yet ratified it.[5] The imperialists of the world, like the ancient Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, have not learned that Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords—who rules over the kingdoms of the world and gives them to whoever He chooses (Daniel 4:19-27). 

Daniel 4:26-27 • New Living Translation (NLT)
26 But the stump and roots of the tree were left in the ground. This means that you will receive your kingdom back again when you have learned that heaven rules.

27 “‘King Nebuchadnezzar, please accept my advice. Stop sinning and do what is right. Break from your wicked past and be merciful to the poor. Perhaps then you will continue to prosper.’

Prince Philip (l), Grandmaster of York and Scottish Rite Freemasonry, 
and husband to Queen Elizabeth II
with the Shia Muslim Aga Khan IV—crowned by Queen Elizabeth II in 1957.

The Aga Khan IV was born on 13 December 1936, in Geneva, Switzerland. He has held this position of Imam, under the title of Aga Khan IV, since 11 July 1957, when, at the age of 20, he succeeded his grandfather, Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III—and was crowned by Queen Elizabeth II. The Aga Khan was born the same year as President Obama's father, Barack Hussein Obama I, and grew up in Kenya, where they both were Shia Muslims—and later both went to Harvard. The Aga Khan IV is Persian (IRANIAN), and is the 49th and current Imam of Nizari Ismailism, a denomination of Isma'ilism within Shia Islam consisting of an estimated 25-30 million adherents. The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) is part of the Washington, DC-based Design Futures Council that rebuilt the World Trade Center "FREEDOM TOWER" in New York City after 9/11.

Matthew 24:3-8 • New Living Translation (NLT)
3 Later, Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives. His disciples came to him privately and said, “Tell us, when will all this happen? What sign will signal your return and the end of the world?[a]”

4 Jesus told them, “Don’t let anyone mislead you, 5 for many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah.’ They will deceive many. 6 And you will hear of wars and threats of wars, but don’t panic. Yes, these things must take place, but the end won’t follow immediately. 7 Nation will go to war against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in many parts of the world. 8 But all this is only the first of the birth pains, with more to come.

24:3 Or the age • church age?

INSTEAD OF FOLLOWING GOD'S WORD, the Anglican and Catholic Crusaders and Ancient Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine aka FREEMASONS (British and Catholic Knights of Malta, Sufi Sunnis, Shia and and JESUITS), have waged wars of imperialism throughout the centuries, and plundered Jerusalem, other parts of the world, and God's holy people and royal priesthood of Jews and Evangelical Christians (1 Peter 2:8-9). GOD'S WORD and today's OUR DAILY BREAD Christian devotion confirmed me prophesying this message that the Lord had me start compiling while I was still in bed this morning before praying, fasting and reading my devotionNUMBER 7:1-2 (NLT) "On the day Moses set up the Tabernacle, he anointed it and set it apart as holy. He also anointed and set apart all its furnishings and the altar with its utensils. 2 Then the leaders of Israel—the tribal leaders who had registered the troops—came and brought their offerings."

Harry S. Truman wearing the Muslim "Fez" (hat" with the words, ISLAM and crescent moon with its Islamic scimitar (sword) for cutting off the heads of Jews and Christians

The Israelite Kohathite division, were commissioned by Moses to carry the Lord's sacred objects of the Tabernacle on their shoulders (Numbers 7:9)—NOT the greedy, plundering Anglican-Catholic Crusaders, 'SHRINERS' and Muslims! The Kohathites were one of the three main divisions among the Levites in Biblical times, the other two being the Gershonites and the Merarites. The Kohathities carried the Ark of the Covenant—which many archeologists, Anglican/Catholic and Muslims Freemasons (Ancient Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine aka Shriners), and even the Nazi Third Reich have tried to find and loot as "Raiders of the Lost Ark" throughout the centuries.

THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD: In order for a person to become a Shriner, he must not only go through all the 33 degrees of Masonry, make all those blood-curdling oaths, worship gods who are not gods, and he must make a blood oath of allegiance to Allah as his god and Mohammed as his prophet. The Shriner is then given a red fez with an Islamic sword and crescent jeweled on the front of it.  This originates from 7th century Arabia when the Moslems, under the leadership of Mohammed, slaughtered all Christians who would not bow down to Allah.  Allah, by the way, was not another (generic) name given to God by Mohammed; Allah is the tribal deity --the moon god—it was the name of the god in the tribe that Mohammed was born into.  That is why every mosque today has a crescent moon on the top of its spire.

1 Peter 2:8 • New Living Translation (NLT)
8 And, “He [JESUS] is the stone that makes people stumble,
    the rock that makes them fall.”[a]
They stumble because they do not obey God’s Word, and so they meet the fate that was planned for them.

2:8 Isaiah 8:14.

The late former South African President (1994-1999) Nelson Mandela
and Bailiffs Grand Collar of the Knights of Malta Prince Richard Duke of Gloucester

The part of Nelson Mandela's life I never knew about until recently, was that he became a KNIGHT OF MALTA in 1996 (1 head + 666)—and later was invested in the year 2004 at St. James's Palace in London, as a "Bailiff Grand Cross of the Order of Saint John," aka JESUITS, the Order's highest honor. Mandela was invested with the distinctive insignia: an eight-pointed Maltese Cross by Britain's Duke of Gloucester. Nelson Mandela, a METHODIST (a Protestant church that has been infiltrated by the JESUITS for decades) was a member of the Grand Priory Knights Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus in South Africa.

Because the world's rulers have not learned to stop sinning and do what is rightand break from their wicked past and be merciful to the poor—God is allowing them to cannibalize themselves DISPENSATIONAL!

The stump of Daniel 4:19-27 returning to rule is dispensational and represents kingdoms of both "iron" and "bronze." These are kingdoms that intermarried between Babylonian, Medo-Persian (IRAN), the Greeks and Roman empires. But the prophecy of Daniel 7 reveals that these empires would morph into ROME and the Byzantines mixed with the empires of the United Kingdom, America, Russia, Greece, Germany, France and European Union (EU).

In 1969 (1 head + 666), the headquarters of the United Religious, Military, and Masonic Orders of the Temple, and of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes, and Malta, of England, and the Provinces overseas † was founded in the Netherlands. This Order is in England, Scotland and the U.S.A., and has been active since the second part of the 18th century. THESE FREEMASONS HAVE NOT LEARNED TO KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF GOD'S HOLY POSSESSIONS, SUCH AS JERUSALEM AND THE REMAINS OF THE JEWISH TEMPLE AT THE DOME OF THE ROCK. According to Daniel chapter 5, Belshazzar holds a last great feast at which he sees a hand writing on a wall with the Aramaic words, nene, men's, tekel, upharsin, which the prophet Daniel interprets as a judgment from God for telling the fall of Babylon (see Daniel 5; c.f. Revelation 18:1-8 DISPENSATIONAL). In Daniel chapter 5, Babylon is besieged by Cyrus the Great of Persia (now IRAN) and his ally Darius the Mede. BABYLON THE GREAT WILL TOO FALL (Revelation 18:1-8).

Ephesians 5:11 • New Living Translation (NLT)
11 Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them.

All Muslims and Crypto Judeo-Christian counterfeits have to bow to the House of Saud!!! Don't believe this "9/11 unclassified report" that during the 2016 election is finally going to be revealed (14-plus years after 9/11) that leeks the truth that Saudi Arabia did financially support the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America. This is a distraction from the Iran nuke deal. Iran is using their freed up $50 to $150 billion dollars to buy weapons from Saudi Arabia to use against Israel--and to fund the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP).

Rudy Guliani showed Saudi Prince Al-Waleed, who sympathized with the 9/11 terrorists, the 9/11 site in New York City, after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Saudi Arabia Prince Al-Waleed helped pay for President Obama's Harvard education. Prince Al-Waleed is the founder, the chief executive officer and 95 percent-owner of the Kingdom Holding Company, a Forbes Global 2000 company with investments in companies within various sectors such as banking and financial services, hotels and hotel management companies, MASS MEDIA, entertainment, retail, agriculture, petrochemicals, aviation, technology, and real estate. The company had a market cap of over $18 billion in 2013. Saudi Arabia Prince Al-Waleed is also CITIGROUP's largest individual shareholder, the second-largest voting shareholder in News Corporation aka FOX NEWSSaudi Prince Al-Waleed owns Paris’ Four Seasons Hotel George V (where the CHARLIE HEBDO newspaper terrorist attacks took place after the satirical tabloid made fun of Allah and the Pope in numerous issues). Saudi Prince Al-Waleed also owns part of the Plaza Hotel in NYC.

Questions have been raised about President Barack Hussein Obama’s student loans and Obama’s ties to a radical Muslim activist, who reportedly was raising money for Barack H. Obama II’s Harvard studies during the years 1988 to 1991The allegations first surfaced, when former Manhattan Borough president Percy Sutton told a New York cable channel that a former business partner who was “raising money” for Obama had approached him in 1988 to help Obama get into Harvard Law School. In the interview, Sutton says he first heard of Obama about twenty years ago from Khalid Al-Mansour, a Black Muslim and Black Nationalist who was a “mentor” to the founders of the Black Panther Party at the time the party was founded in the early 1960s. Sutton described al-Mansour as advisor to “one of the world’s richest men,” Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (pictured above at the NYC 9/11 terrorists' attack site of the WTC with Rudy Guliani).


The Vatican signed a bilateral agreement with the terrorist Palestine Liberation Organization on February 15, 2000 [6][7]—nineteen (19) months before the 9/11 terrorists' attacks on America.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), headquartered in Washington, DCIslamic Association for Palestine (IAP)C.F.R. Muslim Brotherhood and 55-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) are all in bed together with the Vatican JESUIT Crypto Judeo-Christians, Shia Muslims, Sufis and their Sunni partners. They are all against God's holy people and Christ's royal priesthood of Jews and Gentile Evangelical Bible-believing Christians (1 Peter 2:9). The Council on American Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R.) works hand-in-hand with the JESUITS at Georgetown University, which received $500,000 from Saudi Prince Alaweed!

CAIR opened its first office in Washington, DC, with the help of a $5,000 donation from the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), a self-described charity founded by Mousa Abu Marzook. In May 1996, CAIR coordinated a press conference to protest the decision of the U.S. government to extradite Marzook for his connection to terrorist acts performed by Hamas.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) describes itself as a "non-profit, grassroots membership organization … established to promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America," to protect Muslims from hate crimes and discrimination, and to present “an Islamic perspective on issues of importance to the American public.” According to the Council's Director of Communications, Ibrahim Hooper, "We are similar to a Muslim NAACP."

CAIR was co-founded in 1994 by Nihad Awad, Omar Ahmad, and Rafeeq Jaber, all of whom had close ties to the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), which was established by senior Hamas operative Mousa Abu Marzook and functioned as Hamas’ public relations and recruitment arm in the United States. Awad and Ahmad previously had served, respectively, as IAP's Public Relations Director and President. Thus it can be said that the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) was an outgrowth of Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP).

On December 4, 2001, following Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development's designation as a terrorist organization, the assets of the organization were frozen by the F.B.I. and United States Treasury agents. 

Treasury officials conceded that a "substantial amount" of the money raised went to worthy causes, but insisted that Holy Land's primary purpose had been to subsidize Hamas. Repeated appeals to the courts by HLF to have the freeze lifted failed. The Archdiocese of Washington, DC, is a particular church of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States. It comprises the District of Columbia and Calvert, Charles, Montgomery, Prince George's and Saint Mary's counties in the state of Maryland.

The crest of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington depicts the Roman goddess Diana, disguised as the "Virgin Mary," [sic]--as well as her crescent moon that also represents the Islamic crescent moon and god Allah. The crest is also embedded with the Freemason (Ancient Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine aka Shriners) number 13, and the Anti-Yeshua/Antichrist number 666 aka in Hebrew 616.

Project Megiddo was a report researched and written by the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) under Director Louis Freeh. Released on October 20, 1999, the report named followers of white supremacy, extreme radical "Christian Identity," the militia movement, Black Hebrew Israelites, and apocalyptic cults as potential terrorists who might become violent in reaction to the new millennium.

The PROJECT MEGIDDO report began: "For over four thousand years, MEGIDDO, a hill in northern Israel, has been the site of many battles. Ancient cities were established there to serve as a fortress on the plain of Jezreel to guard a mountain pass. As Megiddo was built and rebuilt, one city upon the other, a mound or hill was formed. The Hebrew word "Armageddon" means "hill of Megiddo." In English, the word has come to represent battle itself. The last book in the New Testament of the Bible designates Armageddon as the assembly point in the apocalyptic setting of God's final and conclusive battle against evil. The name "Megiddo" is an apt title for a project that analyzes those who believe the year 2000 will usher in the end of the world and who are willing to perpetrate acts of violence to bring that end about." The Muslims and Vatican as well as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels Communist Manifestos like Adolf Hitler have been trying to force God's hand and/or bring about their own 1,000 year Reich Millennium, but God just laughs.

Psalm 97:10-12 • New Living Translation (NLT)
10 You who love the Lord, hate evil!
    He protects the lives of his godly people
    and rescues them from the power of the wicked.
11 Light shines on the godly,
    and joy on those whose hearts are right.
12 May all who are godly rejoice in the Lord
    and praise his holy name!

In 2003, the US and UK invaded Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein. The introduction of democratic elections empowered the Shia majority, including Iranian-backed parties. In 2004, a Shia “Houthi” rebellion in North Yemen took place on the Saudi Arabian border. Both Yemen and Saudi Arabia accused Iran of supporting it. In the Arab Spring, pro-Saudi presidents Ben Ali of Tunisia and Mubarak of Egypt were ousted. The Bahrain uprising, supported by Shia, was put down by Sunni Saudi Arabian troops. As of June 2007, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), headquartered in Washington, DC—and its affiliate, the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), and Hamas, claimed 32 branch affiliates in the United States and one in Canada.

ROBERT MULLER (March 11, 1923 – September 20, 2010) was an international civil servant with the United Nations. Assistant Secretary-General for 40 years. Muller's ideas about world government, world peace and spirituality, led to the increased representation of religions in the UN, especially of New Age Movement. He was known by some as "the philosopher of the United Nations." Robert Muller died at age 87, but he got to see his antichrist dream come to fruition with the establishment of the United Nations' FAITH AND GLOBALIZATION INITIATIVE sponsored by the Vatican. Former IRAQ INQUIRY accused war criminal (2007 convert to Roman Catholicism under Pope Benedict XVI), and former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair's TONY BLAIR FAITH FOUNDATION was also launched in 2008 at the Time Warner building in New York City, where the United Nations is located.

In an interview with Irvin Baxter of ENDTIME MINISTRIES on the Politics and Religion radio program, Muller made the following statement; “We have brought the world together as far as we can politically.” Muller claimed that “to bring about a true world government, the world must be brought together spiritually.” Then he said, “What we need is a United Nations of Religions. The political leaders meet every day at the United Nations, and they talk together. This has produced a consensus of opinion so that we actually have a world community, which for the most part speaks with a common voice.” Then Muller added, “The religious leaders won’t even speak to one another most of the time. We need a United Nations of Religions.”

The unification of the world’s religions cannot be complete unless Christianity as a whole is along for the ride. Consequently, the almost five-hundred-year-old rift between Catholics and Protestants must be mended. Understanding this, the internationalists have implemented a three-pronged approach to establishing the global religious and financial system that will lead to the Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13:16-18)  ECUMENISM aka INTER-FAITHISM, NATIONAL MARXIST-SOCIALISM and STATE PRIVATIZED CAPITALISM!


Revelation 17:16-17 (NLT)
"16 The scarlet beast and his ten horns all hate the prostitute. They will strip her naked, eat her flesh, and burn her remains with fire. 17 For God has put a plan into their minds, a plan that will carry out his purposes..."

Pope Francis and King Abdullah II of Jordan, nephew of the Saudi Dynasty

THE HOLY BIBLE USES THE IMAGE OF A WOMAN TO REFLECT A GLOBAL COUNTERFEIT CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN REVELATION 17 AND REVELATION 18. It was the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) that brought Barack Hussein Obama II to Chicago and put him up in a rectory room, before Barack Obama went to HarvardBarack Hussein Obama II worked for the Roman Catholic Church as the first executive director of Developing Communities Project (DCP)—overseeing eight (8) Roman Catholic parishes on Chicago's south side.

In 2011, a new Hizbollah-backed government in Lebanon came to power, ousting the Saudi-backed prime minister. President Obama is threatening to veto a Congressional bill declassifying the "28-pages of the 9/11 Report" that have been kept from the public, and that allegedly link the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the 9/11 JESUIT-Saudi Arabia backed attacks on America. Saudi Arabia’s ambassador went so far as to threaten to sell the country’s huge dollar holdings, if the bill went ahead, saying it would be necessary to prevent them being frozen subject to a court case.

Barack Hussein Obama II worked for the Roman Catholic Church as the first executive director of Developing Communities Project (DCP)—overseeing eight (8) Roman Catholic parishes on Chicago's south side.

Revelation 17:15-18 • New Living Translation (NLT)
15 Then the angel said to me, “The waters where the prostitute is ruling represent masses of people of every nation and language. 16 The scarlet beast and his ten horns all hate the prostitute. They will strip her naked, eat her flesh, and burn her remains with fire. 17 For God has put a plan into their minds, a plan that will carry out his purposes. They will agree to give their authority to the scarlet beast, and so the words of God will be fulfilled. 18 And this woman you saw in your vision represents the great city that rules over the kings of the world.”

In 2012, there was an uprising against the Assad regime in Syria supported by Saudi Arabia. Hizbollah and other Iran-backed Shia militias, and Iranian Revolutionary Guard, were sent in to support the regime. The sectarian divide across the Arab world is cemented by the British and its allies that want to control the Middle EastISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) aka ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) are fighting to establish a caliphate, because the British and it allies allowed Saudi Arabia and the House of Saud to control ALL the Islamic "holy sites" and mosques around the world. That Iran should be backing a small Shi’a tribe in the north of Yemen called the Houthis comes as little surprise.

The lightning takeover by the Houthis of the capital Sana’a has been applauded by Iranian politicians. A Tehran city representative in the Iranian parliament, Alireza Zakani, a loyalist of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, boasted that Iran now controls four Arab capitals—Sana’a (Yemen), Damascus; the capital of Syria since the country's independence in 1946; as well as Beirut (Lebanon), and Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, where the largest U.S. embassy in the world is located!

President Obama with Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and 2012 "presidential puppet hopeful" Mitt Romney

In September 2015, Hundreds—possibly over 2,000—Muslims were killed in a stampede at the Kaaba Hajj (meaning pilgrimage that all Muslims are encouraged to make at least once in their lifetime according to the Qu'ran). Among the dead are more than 400 Shi'a Muslim Iranians. The kabah also referred as Kaaba Muazzama, is a building at the center of Islam's most sacred mosque, Al-Masjid al-Haram, in Mecca, al-Hejaz, Saudi Arabia. It is the most sacred Muslim site in the world that is controlled by the House of Saud since the British ousted the Sharif of Mecca Hussein bin Ali.

In December 2015, President and terrorist PLO and Fatah Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, signed the ROME STATUTEthe founding treaty to join the Vatican-UN-EU International Criminal Court (ICC), a day after the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) failed to adopt the Saudi Arabia Prince Al-Waleed led Arab Coalition’s bid for the creation of a Palestinian State.[7] Abbas' Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malaki and Palestine’s ambassadors and representatives in the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC),  Pope Francis and the Vatican, and the African Union are trying to appeal to governments who either opposed or abstained in the vote to support UN Resolution 194—the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital.[7]

Jerusalem is already an INTERNATIONAL CITY controlled by the Vatican and EU.

United Nations Resolution 181, a resolution passed by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in 1947 that called for the partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states, with the city of Jerusalem as a "Corpus Separatum" (Latin: “separate entity”) to be governed by a "Special International Regime," such as the Vatican and its European Union international bankers.

No where in the Holy Bible will you find the word, "PALESTINE," that was taken from the pagan Philistines and used by Roman Emperor Hadrian to rename the region of Judea-Samaria—after the last Jewish-Roman War.

On the Jewish Sabbath of Saturday, January 16, 2016, President Obama signs an executive order lifting the ban and sanctions on Iran for attempting to acquire nuclear WMDs and destroy the State of Israelfreeing up $50 to $150 billion in Iranian assets. Nukes sell for $200 million each on the "Black Market." Iran can now afford to buy 250 to 750 nuclear warheads illegallyas IRAN SHOUTS DEATH TO ISRAEL AND AMERICA! President Obama is protecting his C.F.R. Muslim Brotherhood partners--as well as int'l bankers, the JESUITS and Roman Catholic Church that made him the "puppet President" of the United States of America!

Revelation 18:1-8 • New Living Translation (NLT)

The Fall of Babylon
18 After all this I saw another angel come down from heaven with great authority, and the earth grew bright with his splendor. 2 He gave a mighty shout:

“Babylon is fallen—that great city is fallen!
    She has become a home for demons. She is a hideout for every foul spirit,
    a hideout for every foul vulture and every foul and dreadful animal.
3 For all the nations have fallen because of the wine of her passionate immorality. The kings of the world have committed adultery with her.
Because of her desires for extravagant luxury, the merchants of the world have grown rich.”

4 Then I heard another voice calling from heaven, “Come away from her, my people. Do not take part in her sins, or you will be punished with her.
5 For her sins are piled as high as heaven, and God remembers her evil deeds.
6 Do to her as she has done to others. Double her penalty[a][b] for all her evil deeds. She brewed a cup of terror for others, so brew twice as much for her.
7 She glorified herself and lived in luxury, so match it now with torment and sorrow. She boasted in her heart, ‘I am queen on my throne.
I am no helpless widow, and I have no reason to mourn.’
8 Therefore, these plagues will overtake her in a single day—death and mourning and famine. She will be completely consumed by fire,
    for the Lord God who judges her is mighty.”

18:6a Or Give her an equal penalty.
18:6b Or brew just as much.

Notice Jesus is NEVR depicted as Christ the Man and God in the Anglican and Catholic Church

Jesus knew that during the time of the prophet Jeremiah, that people worshipped the "Queen of Heaven," aka Semiramis aka Venusknown today for the "Virgin Mary"[sic] and Anglican/Roman Catholic Churchsee Jeremiah 7:18; Jeremiah 44:1-19; Jeremiah 44:25, CLICK HERE. 


If you have not formally accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, please accept the Gift of Salvation by saying this short prayer: "Dear Jesus, I repent of my sins and the original sin of mankind, please come into my heart and change me to trust in you and build my personal relationship with you by studying your word and applying it to my life to the best of my ability. Thank you for dying on the cross for the remission of sin. Thank you for conquering death with your resurrection. I accept you Jesus as my Lord and Savior, please lead me and guide me. Amen!" If you have said that short prayer, I welcome you to the True Body of Christ (not a religious sect, Protestant or Catholic denomination, Anglican or Eastern religion). 

PLEASE STOP BLAMING THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH for why you have Not found a Bible-based church to go to and worship God one day a week with other believers.

PLEASE GET IN TO A BIBLE-BASED EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH, where the Word of God is taught unadulterated and reject the rituals, religious lies and Tradition(s), idolatry, and hedonism of mankind. 

Hebrews 10:24-25 (NLT) 
24 Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. 25 And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of His return is drawing near.


Thomas Edgar "Tom" Wheeler (born April 5, 1946) is an American businessman and politician. He is the current and 31st Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and a member of the Democratic Party. Tom Wheeler was appointed by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the U.S. Senate in November 2013. During Barack Obama's presidential campaign, Tom Wheeler spent six weeks in Iowa aiding his campaign efforts and went on to raise over US $500,000 for Obama's campaigns. In late April 2014, the contours of a document leaked that indicated that the FCC under Wheeler would consider promulgating rules allowing Internet service providers (ISPs) to violate net neutrality principles—by making it easier for Internet service providers (including cable companies and wireless ISPs) to block users access and other content of the internet—thus undermining the traditional open architecture of the Internet.


Godspeed, love and Truth,
Brother David Johnson, XU

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